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Risk Management Offers These Benefits and More…

Quick Facts About Working in Insurance and Risk Management

  • More than 85,000 people in Georgia are employed in the industry.
  • The average wage is between $45,400 and $75,430 – nearly 58% above the Georgia wage average.
  • Incomes in the six figures are common – depending on training, job classification, and location

This industry has positions such as:

  • arson investigators
  • IT and applications engineers
  • mathematicians
  • social media pros
  • customer service representatives
  • civil engineers
  • and many, many more

Virtually any major can work in insurance:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Business
  • Operations
  • IT and more!

One of the best parts is that you help people when they need it most.

  • When disaster strikes, you’re there.
  • You help restore lives by caring and making things right.
  • You give back to your community.
  • You can provide for your family, have a nice home

Scholarships Are Available

The Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia, an association that represents more than 25,000  independent insurance agents and industry groups, will offer scholarships to high school and college students pursuing degrees related to insurance.

Stability and Growth

Best of all, the insurance industry offers job stability because people always need insurance. In states like Georgia, you must have insurance to drive a vehicle or purchase a house. Insurance policies are one of the last things people cut during hard times, guaranteeing business.

Summer 2016

  • PIA Plans to Offer 12 Summer Internships
  • All Interns will receive program compensation
  • Professional workplace training in each location
  • Course credits will be available for qualified Interns
  • Interns will experience all aspects of the agency experience

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